West Island Mental Health

West Island Mental Health

We are a group of community workers who work in Mental Health in the West Island. Who is involved: The Lakeshore Suivi Variable & Pact Team who work on the road helping those who suffer from a mental illness in regards to rehabilitation, basic needs, going back to school or work, living independently, anything to make their quality of life be the best it can be. There is also two Day Centers, Omega & Centre Bienvenue that provide a wide range of group & therapeutic activities as-well as a place to go and meet others, There is also WICA a housing program that helps individuals live independently with weekly support, Perpective communtaire another community resource that provides follow up in the community assisting people with their specific needs, helping achieve their goals, connecting resources, crisis intervention and longterm follow up & Tracom a crisis center who heard about our camp and offered to join as volunteers, they provide crisis intervention & follow up within their community.

Mental illness affects all of us one way or another. You may know someone who is suffering or you may be suffering yourself, but we are all impacted and we can all benefit from supportive community services for those in need.

We are a group of mental health professionals from the West Island of Montreal and we want to help members of our community who suffer from mental illness by offering them a chance to escape their daily lives and experience nature during a 4-day stay at Camp Kinkora. Many of us would take this for granted, but for them, it is their only vacation. Our wish is for many to experience camp, to be in nature, to meet people and have fun.

100% of all donations will be used directly to help cover camp costs, materials for special activities and basic necessities like sleeping bags, flip flops, and bathing suits. Your donations will make a difference & we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read, share & donate.


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