Tricks 'N Tips for Pumpkin Season

You only do this once a year, so let us help you get it right!

Let's face the sad truth; Halloween is way too short an occasion. You get one chance for a Jack-o’-lantern on fleek. So, here are a few things to consider when getting your gourd on.

Inspect the pumpkin's skin for gouges or blemishes. Odd shapes and dents may give your pumpkin character but could also invite decay or pests. Check for even color (unless you're painting it) and firm flesh. Give it an all-around squeeze to find any soft spots.

Buy local. Pumpkin patch and farm produce usually hasn't endured a bumpy truck ride to the store.

Once you are home, wash the pumpkin with a mixture of dish soap and peppermint extract. Let it let it air dry. Carve your Jack-o'-lantern 3-4 days before Halloween. Be sure to scrape as much of the “pumpkin guts” out as possible. Oxidation begins as soon as the inside is exposed. The drier and cleaner it is, the slower your pumpkin will decay.

To preserve the inside, spray with a mixture of water and peppermint extract. If the weather is warm and your pumpkin starts to look a little dry and wilted, soak it in the kitchen sink overnight (not if you have cats though… LOL) and/or refrigerate it.

Those hacks will keep your pumpkin lookin' so fly, you'll be bragging, I AM THE PUMPKIN KING" just like Jack Skellington. Happy Halloween!

Added on Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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