You can burn more calories than an Olympic athlete.

By walking. Just walking. But a lot.

I just returned from 12 days in Italy where I ate and drank like it was my job. For some reason, I lost weight. I knew it was because of all the walking I did. After reading a Yahoo article on athletes at the Rio games, I'm shocked at the impact that the walking had. I burned more calories than some of the actual competitions! (No, not the years of training and hard work.)

- It sounds surprising but during the 100 m butterfly a swimmer will typically burn only 14 calories. What?!

- During a standard basketball game, the average player will shed some 717 calories.

- Cyclists seem to blast the most amount of calories in a typical road race. A whopping 3400 calories!

- The U.S. versus Italy match had me wondering this the other day (holy washboard abs) players will usually burn 500 calories in the sand during a match.

- And if you're wondering about soccer with it's nonstop running, well even after 90 minutes and stoppage time, about 780 calories are typically burned during a match.

An online calorie-burn calculator measured my sightseeing around Rome, Rimini and Venice as burning over 1200 calories a day. Totally canceling out my pizza and prosecco debauchery.

So that's why they say that walking is one of the best exercises. Grazie, Italia. Somebody pour me a spritz!

Added on Monday, August 15, 2016

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