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Homemade Weed Killers for your Garden

Homemade Weed Killers for your Garden

If you’re the type to think ahead and get your garden ready for spring, you’ve probably got seedlings waiting impatiently for the weather to warm up so they can be put outside! Gardening season is just around the corner, even though Mother Nature just threw a wet, ice-cold curveball at us…

And with gardening comes the tiresome but essential task of weeding. To protect your garden from invaders, we’ve looked up some of the most effective homemade weed killers you can use this summer.

Source: Flickr / Brian Rock

Landscape Fabric

Rolling out a layer of landscape fabric and straw can help prevent weeds from sprouting I the first place. Leave just enough bare soil for your plants to grow, and they’ll be much more likely to be the only thing growing.

Source: Pixino

Use Mulch

Much like landscape fabric, mulch helps keep the earth underneath nice & moist, while preventing the sun from helping unwanted weeds grow.

Leave your Grass Longer

Leaving your grass longer will allow it to live healthier and make it more difficult for weeds to take root, flower and spread their seeds. Consider waiting longer between mows, or raising the height of your lawn mower. You lawn may not look quite as sharp, but your garden will have fewer weeds.

Source: Pixabay / music4life

Boiling Water

This trick works especially well with weeds found in cracks or hard to reach areas. Pour some boiling water over them to kill them instantly by burning the roots. Be careful not to use this technique too close to plants you want to keep alive!

Add some salt to the water for an even more effective treatment.

Source: Flickr /

Salt & Vinegar

Speaking of salt…

You can actually kill weeds using just salt! Just sprinkle some salt on an area where you don’t want weeds growing. Be warned, though: nothing else will grow there either, especially if you use lots of salt! It’ll make the land barren and inhospitable to most plants.

Vinegar will also kill anything green… It’s great if you have a big patch of weeds you need to get rid of, but use it sparingly: if overused, it can make the soil acidic.

Eat Them!

Many weeds are edible, including dandelions, dock and chicory (pictured above). Dandelions can even be used to make dandelion wine!

WARNING: we are not a botanical reference, and we urge you to take all necessary precautions before eating any plants harvested in your garden. Some plants can make you quite sick!

Pull Them!

There’s no substitute for the good old method of pulling weeds! It’s hard work, but your other plants will thank you for the added real estate for their roots and leaves. At some point this summer, you may have to get your gloves and knee pads out and do the dirty work yourself.

Happy gardening! 

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