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The Most Difficult Part of Motherhood?

The Most Difficult Part of Motherhood?

We heard the news recently that Canada will be extending parental leave to a potential 18 months… But what are the benefits and disadvantages of taking more or less time off work? Many people say the first 12 months of a baby’s life are the most physically and emotionally challenging for parents, especially mothers.

That’s why we have parental leave in the first place… Babies are VERY dependent on their parents at the beginning of their lives, and the social benefits of allowing a child to have a good first year with its mother far outweigh the costs. But often, the first 12 months only benefit the baby.

That’s because babies haven’t quite figured out their eating and sleeping schedules yet. Vinny and Nikki spoke with a mother who said a baby’s schedule typically changes every three months or so!

Maybe the 18-month parental leave offered by Canada will allow parents to reap some of the benefits of participating in their child’s early days… But will Canadian mothers be able to live on just 33% of their salary?

Listen to the audio from Vinny and Nikki’s show this morning:

Most women find the initial 12 months of parenting especially emotionally and physically draining.. Find out the toughest part of the first year of being a mom.

2 months ago

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