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Celebrate Valentine’s Day ‘Fifty Shades’ style!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day ‘Fifty Shades’ style!

So, you loved ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and you’d like to spice up Valentine’s Day this year? Here are five suggestions inspired by the movie…


February 9 marked the release of the new Fifty Shades Freed movie, the final installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy. You’re a big fan and you’d like to spice up Valentine’s Day this year? Here are five suggestions inspired from the movie:

Plan your return ahead of time

We all know the highlight of your Valentine’s Day should be the grand return home for some intimate moments with your partner. Plan ahead by finding out what they would like to happen. Is there something out of the ordinary to look forward to? Or perhaps you really both just want things to go exactly as planned… The important thing is to communicate with your partner and find out their desires beforehand. You could also make things a little kinkier… Scroll down to “For your own little playroom” for ideas…

The drink of choice

Try to get your hands on that 1999 Bollinger La Grande Année Champagne that Christian and Ana like to drink. A more affordable alternative is the Fifty Shades of Grey Red Satin, a California wine described as “aromatic and supple.” Things will get hotter.

Awake your senses

Being blindfolded turns you on? Try this for a change: Reserve a table for two at O.Noir Restaurant on Ste. Catherine Street in Montreal. As you eat completely in the dark, your remaining senses will be heightened to savour the smell and taste of food.

For your own little “playroom”

Stop by a sex shop to find unique toys and accessories: handcuffs, bondage kits, blindfolds, floggers and more. There’s a line of Fifty Shades of Grey products available; you can even get the same tie that Christian wore in the movie, if you like role-playing games.

Seventh heaven

For some, the sky is the limit – literally – when it comes to Valentine’s Day plans. You want to do something completely wild and different this year? Your need for excitement is stratospheric? Take a romantic tour of the city by plane or helicopter. Even better, go skydiving and kiss your partner at terminal velocity!

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The Montreal HIT 40

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