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[5 PICS] MTL’s Christmas Tree is Truly Horrendous

[5 PICS] MTL’s Christmas Tree is Truly Horrendous
Instagram: @emilietpotvin

Truly horrendous, yes… But in the best possible way!

Last year, Montreal was thrust into the international spotlight for a rather embarrassing reason. What was intended to be the pride of the city, Canada’s tallest Christmas tree, was in fact a bit of an ugly duckling. For a moment, Montreal was a laughing stock, and then of course 2017 came along and made that tree look just a bit less ugly…

But Montrealers have a real sense of perseverance, it seems. This year, the creators of the brand-new Village du Vilain Sapin have taken the “ugly” aesthetic a step farther by creating an entire thematic village around an intentionally ugly tree. They reasoned (correctly, it seems) that Montrealers don’t actually mind an ugly tree. The Christmas spirit is in human connection and generosity, not some fancy tree!

And BOY is it ever ugly… It looks like the crooked tree from How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

See for yourself:  

Montreal's Christmas tree is the Grinch #princearthur #montreal #vilainsapin #noel #christmas #sapin #thegrinch

A post shared by Philippe Berbari (@phiji) on

Le vilain sapin de Mtl ! #mtl #vilainsapin

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Be part of the joke. ??

A post shared by Béatrice Bernard-Poulin (@beatricebp) on

At least this year, the ugly tree was intentional and not an actual, legitimate PR fiasco like last year!

You can (and should!) visit Montreal’s ugly, Grinchy tree. It’s staying up until December 23 at the corner of Prince-Arthur East and St-Dominique.

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