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MTL’s Single Moms find Strength in Community

MTL’s Single Moms find Strength in Community

Being a single mom is no easy feat!

Aside from going to work and fulfilling all of your social obligations, you also have to provide everything for another human. The task is monumental, and includes everything from very serious to very mundane: school, homework, transportation, meals, play dates, home keeping and everything else…

But perhaps the hardest part for single moms is being alone in all of it.

Now, a new support group is gaining traction quickly in Montreal. Called Single MOMtreal, this registered non-profit helps single moms with many of the difficulties they regularly face. Single MOMtreal has already brought over 1,000 local single mothers together and helped hundreds of them with their specific needs since it started in April of 2017. The project is the brainchild of Founder & President Nadia Wiseman, and Vice-President Tanya D’Amato.

Nadia Wiseman is a single mom herself. After becoming unexpectedly pregnant, she was in “survival mode” for a few years before deciding to do something about it.  

I couldn't let my life pass me by. I had to do some form of social work. So I decided to create a support group for single moms in Montreal because I know there's a need. I went through a lot and found helpful resources to improve my situation. I started this to live a more authentic life by doing what I love the most: helping people. I decided to help single moms because I know what it's like. I understand the needs very well.

Nadia Wiseman, Founder and President

Single MOMtreal accepts personal and corporate donations to provide moms with some of the necessities of life. Whether it’s cash, furniture, children’s supplies, toys, or even exchanging stories and advice, the members of Single MOMtreal give each other things that are normally difficult or impossible for single moms to access.  

There are over 1,000 members in the group. We give as much as we can. We are giving gift cards for groceries this week. Once we gave $100 to a mom coming out of a shelter. We furnished a mom's full apartment. We do weekly raffles. We share resources frequently. We collect second-hand items as often as possible. We are doing our max until we have funds to do bigger things.

Nadia Wiseman

The sense of community is palpable within the group; some members offer each other free advice on things like personal accounting, parenting and other highly specific topics that would otherwise be difficult to access. There are also plenty of light-hearted posts circulating that offer some much-needed respite from the often-too-serious life of a single mom.

Nadia and her team at Single MOMtreal have plenty of activities planned for December. For single moms, now is a perfect time to join the Single MOMtreal group on Facebook! They check everyone’s identity before allowing people to join, which means it’s a very safe space for single moms only. Click here to request membership.

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