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Workplace Gender Inequality still Hampering Girls’ Aspirations – Report

Workplace Gender Inequality still Hampering Girls’ Aspirations – Report
CNW Group/Girl Guides of Canada

A new report by Girl Guides of Canada–Guides du Canada (GGC) confirms that gender inequality in the workplace is still a major handicap for girls. Wage inequality, under-representation and everyday sexism play an important role in dissuading young girls from choosing certain paths in life.

The GGC report’s troubling finding include the following: 

  • One in four (24%) girls aged 15-17 do not feel motivated to pursue their dream career because they are concerned they will be compensated less than their male counterparts
  • One in four (25%) girls aged 15-17 in Canada report that they do not know any female role models who have their dream job
  • Two in ten girls (19%) agree that their teachers treat them differently in class because they're a girl
  • One in ten girls (12%) agree that an adult – whether it's a teacher, coach or parent – has excluded or prevented them from joining a club or team specifically because they're a girl

Gender inequalities are still starting at a young age, even in a (relatively speaking) developed and egalitarian country like Canada. Despite our obvious social progress, much work still remains to be done for the feminist ideal of equality between the sexes to be reality.

The study also reveals a troubling presence of sexism in the classroom, despite the fact that school should be a safe space to learn and grow. One girl “heard repeatedly from her male peers in her coding class that the only reason she was doing well was because of the boys she was sitting next to – and the teacher agreed,” says Jill Zelmanovits, CEO of GGC. “It's clear that girls are not being recognized for their potential or their abilities.”

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