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Liberal MP Proposes Right to Vote at 16

Liberal MP Proposes Right to Vote at 16
Pixino / Ben Barber, USAID

Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

3 months ago

An Ontario MP has made a proposition that’s reigniting the debate over who should have the right to vote. Arthur Potts, from the Toronto riding of Beaches—East York, thinks the voting age should be lowered to allow people as young as 16 to vote.

Surrounded by youth, Potts announced his formal proposition. If accepted, Ontarians aged 16 and over would have the right to vote, as do Australians, Argentinians and Brazilians. Scotland also allowed youth 16 and over to vote during its independence referendum

Potts called the proposition an “important first step” in getting youth “more involved in the political process”. He said times are ripe for a change in Ontario’s laws, as demonstrated by recent events: “the activism of high school students in the United States following a spate of school shootings has demonstrated that high school youth have the capacity and a willingness to engage in the political process,” Potts said in a release.

Not everyone agrees with him, however. Online comments ranged from a simple “no” to outraged rants in opposition:

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