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Strong Women Lead The Good Fight

Strong Women Lead The Good Fight
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When the legal and political drama The Good Wife starring Julianna Margulies ended, audiences were left wanting more. Critically acclaimed and addictive, The Good Wife incorporated controversial news headlines which made their television world all the more real. Christine Baranski’s unstoppable character Diane Lockhart, a sophisticated and brilliant partner at a leading Chicago law firm warranted her own show, and so became The Good Fight.

The infamous first episode opens with Diane watching Trump’s inauguration over a glass of wine. Her jaw-dropping shock echoed what many of us felt and left Diane determined to make a change. The next day Diane signs a deal to end her partnership at her firm and starts planning a blissful retirement in Italy.

Her excitement is quickly thwarted when she discovers that she, and many others that make up Chicago’s elite, have lost their investments in a Madoff-esque ponzi scheme run by her friend Henry Rindell. Diane has to go back to work, but her firm refuses to take her back when she is deemed complicit having urged many of their clients to invest with Rindell.

Meanwhile, Rindell’s daughter Maia (Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie) suffers life-threatening bullying from angry investors. Diane decides to take Maia, her goddaughter and a young lawyer, along to the law firm of Reddick, Boseman and Kolstad where she is offered a junior partnership. The position is not reflective of her value, but she has no other choice.

Watching Maia spend Season 1 torn between the law and her love for her father makes for riveting television. She works with the delightfully ingenious lawyer Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo) to help an FBI agent (Glee’s Jane Lynch) in exchange for Maia’s immunity. Maia struggles to remember details of the scam from beautifully filmed flashbacks of her teenage years. Evidence grows against her father as she walks a line between innocence and guilt.

Season 2 of The Good Fight finally aired this past Sunday, March 6th. The episode is entitled “Day 408”, for the number of days Trump has been in office, and it centers around a funeral. The episode combines the show’s characteristic humour with a dark foreboding. Diane is trying to get to the funeral but is caught in a ridiculous situation in court with a judge who is purposely making her life difficult.

Meanwhile Maia is followed around the funeral by the quirky Jane Lynch’s FBI agent who has new evidence and offers Maia a plea. She and Lucca hurry to figure out if she is telling the truth. 

Much to Diane’s horror, she discovers that two other lawyer’s funerals are happening that day. One death is the result of a hit and run by an angry client who yells “Death to All the Lawyers!” which Diane watches wide-eyed on the news. Diane finally gets to the after party of the funeral and is seduced by a bartender to try microdosing psilocybin to help her get some clarity amidst the chaos.

Episode 1 sets up the onboarding of Tony-nominated actress Audra McDonald. Christine Baranski told The Hollywood Reporter "She brings such a strength and a kind of integrity and a powerful female presence. I think she'll go up against Delroy, and up against me, and she will be a fierce presence. We're very lucky." Audra will no doubt prove to be another strong woman making up the stellar cast of a show that not only reflects how it feels to live during a Trump-era, but exemplifies the need to stand up for justice, and fight The Good Fight.

The Good Fight, as the CBS All Access original series returns for Season 2.

Stream the first season here: 

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