Jane Fonda 'fell in love' with Robert Redford on all their early movie shoots

Jane Fonda 'fell in love' with Robert Redford on all their early movie shoots
Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda reunites with Robert Redford in upcoming movie Our Souls At Night.

Jane Fonda "was always in love" with Robert Redford each time they worked on a movie together.

The veteran actress has starred alongside Robert in The Chase, Barefoot in the Park, and The Electric Horseman in the 1960s and 70s and they recently reunited onscreen for Our Souls At Night.

Jane admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she realized she had matured because she wasn't as nervous about working with him the fourth time around and she wasn't under his spell anymore.

"I realize that I've grown up because in the three previous movies, I was always in love with him. I fell in love every time," she confessed. "So, if a day went by and he wouldn't speak to me, there were days when he would never speak to me unless it was part of the script, I always took it personally (thinking), 'Oh my god, he doesn't like me, I did something wrong'... Now, when he doesn't talk to me, I'm just like, 'Hey Bob, come on.'"

The 79-year-old was so captivated by Robert during the filming of their earlier films that she would "fall" into his eyes and forget her dialogue, and she became distracted once again when a montage of film stills of them both flashed up behind her during the interview.

She commented he is "so good-looking" and when Ellen agreed he was, Jane corrected her, saying, "He still is" and she also confirmed he was a good kisser and she gets to lock lips with him in Our Souls At Night, which follows two widowed neighbors who connect with each other.

During the interview, Jane was also asked about her appearance at the Women's March in Los Angeles in February (17) and she said she was amazed how safe it felt given how many people were there, adding that the estimated 750,000 protesters were in a "bubble of love".

Jane's interview on Ellen airs on Monday (20Mar17).

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