5 Affordable Decoration Tips

5 Affordable Decoration Tips

Moving can be expensive, and so can decoration!

You want your new place to look a certain way. It has to be compatible with you, because you’ll be spending lots of time there. But decoration can get expensive! Good thing there are ways to get away with cheap solutions that are just as good ;)

Here are five tips from professional designers.

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White or neutral colours lend any space a sophisticated look, but most importantly, they are easy to update with different objects and pieces of art as the seasons change. Inversely, you could hit hard with contrasting walls. Just pick two different colours and the job is done!


Need new furniture? It’s easy to find nice things in the used market. If you’re looking for rustic or retro stuff, this is an excellent solution. Another idea is to change your furniture layout a bit to change a room’s look and make things more dynamic.


Lighting is key because it sets the tone in a room and draws attention to the right things. You can find amazing lamps and chandeliers in the classifieds and second hand stores. Try asking friends, too! You never know who has stuff lying around.


A space without some texture can often seem boring. Whether it’s for the jointures between walls and floors or ceilings, or even around the doorframes, consider using mouldings to add texture. Opt for synthetic materials to save money (it’s cheaper than plaster or wood). Think about whether you want coloured ones or ones that are ready to paint. It really makes a difference in any room, and it’s not very expensive.

The Devils’ in the Details

From sofa cushions to drawer handles to decorative vases and objects, small details make all the difference for a very small cost. Try to give this extra thought to harmonize the contents of each room. Also make sure that there are no visible cables, and that things are centered and leveled as much as possible.



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