'Beauty and the Beast' Premieres Tonight

'Beauty and the Beast' Premieres Tonight

Emma Watson Stuns as Belle in New Beauty and the Beast Photos

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7 GORGEOUS photos have been released ahead of the new film. Image credits: Entertainment Weekly

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Emma Watson will look gorgeous, and we can’t wait to see how she plays the part of Belle.

The star’s voice sounds VERY promising, by all accounts. This more recent clip is great, too. And we know from various reports and interviews that she is using this part to promote feminism, which is great news!

Musically, the film should be top-notch, with yet another performance by Céline Dion after she was featured in Disney’s animated 1991 film. John Legend and Ariana Grande are also lending their voices to the live-action remake.

News of “Beauty and the Beast” hitting theatres once again has sparked mass hysteria among fans. Take, for example, this dad who went to great lengths to give his own daughter a professional-grade photoshoot as “Belle”. Or the fact that derived products from the film are being sold, all the way down to the makeup. Even James Corden jumped on the bandwagon with this hilarious sketch featuring actors from the film.

Lastly, we have to add that it’s always a good sign for a film when the actors are having genuine fun on set. For example, check out this story of Emma Watson getting pelted with real snowballs on set.

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