'Buddy Mercury' Beagle Sings & Plays Piano

'Buddy Mercury' Beagle Sings & Plays Piano

This beagle is the most musical pet any owner could hope for!

In a video shared to YouTube, this rescue beagle really shows off some serious musical skills (for a pet, that is!). He is seen playing the piano and even singing the sweet, sweet lamenting blues of a thousand broken hearts. Quite cute, actually. After accumulating hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, the video was shared to Reddit, where it quickly hit the front page of /r/videos. Users on Reddit also had a field day commenting on this cute pup:

See for yourself what all the hype is about:

This video was posted yesterday, but of course, it’s not the first a pet has proven it’s musical abilities online. Take this “blues dog” for example; it tries to match a saxophone’s pitch and tamber (and actually does so pretty well!):

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