Hygge, an Ideal Lifestyle to Survive Winter

Hygge, an Ideal Lifestyle to Survive Winter

Discover the new lifestyle trend taking over Scandinavia and Canada!

Why is Denmark ranked as the happiest country in the world according to the UN? It’s because many people over there have adopted a cozy way of living that’s all about feeling good. Everyone should use this as inspiration. In fact, the trend is rapidly growing in Canada.

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”) is a Norwegian word for wellbeing that the Danes integrated to their culture around the end of the 18th century. Fundamentally aiming to nourish and appease the soul, it’s a form of Epicureanism combined with simple living – updated to today’s reality, of course, but still based on traditional family values. It means taking a break from work and turning off all screens to concentrate on yourself and people close to you. Basically, it’s the hip new cottage life!

More specifically, hygge enthusiasts look for friendly companionship (ideally no more than four people, because the goal is to focus on the ones you love and to enjoy these moments). Setting a cozy, stress-free atmosphere is of the utmost importance. Conversations need to remain light, comforting drinks like coffee, tea, tisane or hot cocoa are preferred, but mostly the key ingredient is a warm, organic light – candles (lots of them) and a fireplace are what best illustrates hygge, the Danes insist.

Likewise, forget about frozen meals you hastily eat on the kitchen counter or lavish dinners you drive yourself crazy preparing; it’s about good food and little treats you take your time savouring, no guilt whatsoever. Heck, you and your friends can even wear your sweatpants if that makes you feel more comfortable!

So, essentially, hygge brings warmth, light and happiness to an otherwise cold, gloomy and lonely day – the perfect remedy for long winters!

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