Monopoly is Removing the Thimble Piece

Monopoly is Removing the Thimble Piece

After 82 years, Monopoly is changing its game pieces!

Monopoly has decided to enter the digital era with Monopoly Token Madness, a public voting system to help the board game choose new tokens to include in its new editions!

The voting has closed, and already one of the iconic “classic” Monopoly pieces has fallen victim to the vote: the Thimble, which has been part of the game since 1935, will no longer be offered with Monopoly sets, starting this August.

There are 64 new pieces being proposed, among them several emoji-inspired pieces, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a hashtag, aviator sunglasses and a monster truck.

Meanwhile, a special edition of the game is being made available which includes 16 tokens; all 8 original tokens, and 8 more new golden tokens. One of them is the new Mr. Monopoly emoji.

The new tokens that won the vote will be announced by Hasbro on March 19.

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