Sesame Street Introducing Character with Autism

Sesame Street Introducing Character with Autism

The new character ‘Julia’ will help educate children about the realities of autism.

Played by Stacey Gordon, the mother of a high-functioning autist, the new character will be part of the Sesame Street gang, and not an outsider (as is so often the case with autistic people in the real world).

At first, the sesame gang, Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar, Abby and Grover, don’t really understand Julia. Her bright red hair and difficulty conversing like them make it a bit difficult. But they soon find ways to interact with her. She will prove to be really good at certain games, and will become a real part of the gang.

Watch the preview and interview with Stacey Gordon below (from

Julia first appeared in Sesame Street books, but is now being incorporated into the upcoming live-action TV season of Sesame Street.

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