The iPhone Turns 10 Today

The iPhone Turns 10 Today

Steve Jobs launched the first-ever iPhone to a skeptical public.

Steve Jobs presented the first-ever iPhone to the world 10 years ago today, on January 9, 2007. At the time, flip-phones were still a thing, Google had just purchased YouTube, Facebook had been open to the general public for just over three months, Pluto had just been downgraded from “Planet” to “dwarf planet”, and Stephen Harper hadn’t even celebrated his first anniversary as prime minister of Canada yet.

Apple had a strong and increasing following due to the massive success of the iPod and iTunes music management ecosystem. But Steve Jobs had his sights set much, much higher.

The public was skeptical at first. The iPhone’s battery was not as robust as it needed to be (and would ultimately become). There were concerns about the practicality of a touch-only interface because nothing like it had ever been widely marketed. In an era dominated by business-oriented Blackberry smartphones, the iPhone looked and felt like more of a toy than a serious contender to take over mobile computing.

Key features such as 3G connectivity and the Apple Store were only added with the next-generation iPhone 3G. This model really fast-tracked the iPhone line for success, as it was much more user-friendly, and the Apple Store gave developers much more flexibility to come up with new applications to take advantage of the phone’s hardware.

Now, the iPhone has been a major player in the mobile telephone market for 10 years and counting. There is mounting excitement and endless speculation over what new features and designs Apple will bring to its most popular product next year, for its 10th anniversary model. All we can say is thank you to Apple for making smartphones a thing and allowing us to connect in new and exciting ways!


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