Added on January 19 2017

Daddy Daughter Wedding Dance Goes Viral

There's the traditional 'first dance'..and then there's this!!

Added on January 13 2017

The Chainsmokers - New Lyric Video 'Paris'

We’re in love with The Chainsmokers’ new song. Listen to it now!

Added on January 12 2017

Stevie Wonder Serenades Michelle Obama on The Tonight Show

Listen to his wonderful musical tribute on the occasion of her last guest appearance as First Lady.

Added on January 11 2017

Meet the Otter who Fits In with Lions and Hyenas

An unusually sociable little critter!

Added on January 09 2017

WATCH Ryan Gosling's Perfect Acceptance Speech

Ryan devotes his speech to the ones who truly made his award possible.

Added on January 03 2017

Fifty Shades Darker Extended Trailer: No Rules

Things get superheated and VERY tense in the new theatrical trailer.

Added on January 03 2017

PK Subban Returns to MTL on Just For Laughs

The NHL star fired shots at the Molsons, Habs management, and more.

Added on January 02 2017

Amazing: ELF Trailer Recut as a Thriller

So creepy... If you loved Elf, you won't believe this spinoff!

Added on December 22 2016

This Ad for Bottled Water gets Ho Ho HOT!

Your dose of funny Holiday advertising to help with the stress!

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