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Senior Duo, 102 and 88, Release their First Album

Senior Duo, 102 and 88, Release their First Album
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Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Alan R. Tripp and Marvin Weisbord would tell you different! The pair, respectively 102 and 88, released their first album together as a song writing duo this year, and neither had ever done so much as write a song before.

The pair’s efforts have resulted in a fantastic jazz album named “Senior Song Book”, which was released on November 15. The artist name is simply “Alan R. Tripp & Marvin Weisbord”.

Tripp and Weisbord met at the Beaumont at Bryn Mawr retirement home in Pennsylvania, where they became friends. When Tripp was about to turn 100, Weisbord, a piano player, decided to offer him a special birthday present. He set one of Tripp’s poems about losing loved ones in your old age to music his piano teacher helped him compose. The poem, together with Tripp’s piano playing, became a song called ‘Best Old Friends’.

This song, the first ever either of the two had written, led to many others. In the course of the following two years, they set to recording a full-length album featuring their fellow retirement home residents as session musicians and singers.

If nothing else proves it, this pair’s achievement is proof solid that you’re never too old to learn and start something new!

Check them out at https://seniorsongbook.com/ !

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