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These Montreal Stores deliver for Easter

These Montreal Stores deliver for Easter
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Montreal is home to many incredible small businesses including quite a few chocolatiers. And with Easter just around the corner and social distancing being important during COVDI-19, many of these establishments will deliver Easter to your doorstep! If you are looking for high-quality, tasty, creative, and inspiriting Easter deserts, then look no further to the following seven boutiques that are offering online ordering.

État De Choc

État de choc has made it their mission to making the planet’s very best cocoas and chocolates available to all, and to giving the public a chocolate experience that’s nothing less than mind-blowing.

Chocolats Privilège

Chocolats Privilège only uses natural ingredients in the production of their products. They have been importing high-quality cocoa from the same fair trade supplier for years.

Morel Chocolatier

Christophe Morel, the winner of the first entremets prize at the World Pastry Cup, offers a wide range of individual pastries made from carefully selected products with refined decor. 

Marius Et Fanny

The Marius et Fanny pastry shop which has been around for 18 years now, is a must in its field. This pastry shop run by Marc Chiecchio, an experienced pastry chef, is distinguished by its product qualities who have delighted the heart and the taste buds of many devotees.


Avanaa's craft is somewhat old school. They hand-sort every single cacao beans and roast it in tiny batches. They grind it for days in their stone-ground "melangeur" and carefully wrap each. The end result is the most delicious award-winning chocolate bars bursting with surprising flavors.

Divine Chocolatier

Divine Chocolatier is a Master Chocolatier and wife Chef-owned business.  They created the business out of love for the finest chocolate possible and have had the privilege of serving many known celebrities including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Johnny Depp, William Shatner, Robert De Niro, and Pierre Trudeau, to name a few.

Chocolaterie Bonneau

Yves Bonneau invites wine lovers to discover his chocolates which they can taste during the meal. With one of the best sommeliers in France, his creations have been developed to match well-known wines.


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