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How sleeping with a pet in bed can improve your overall sleep

How sleeping with a pet in bed can improve your overall sleep
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Are you the type of person that lets your pet sleep on the bed with you? If not, you might want to reconsider your decision…

According to Sealy mattress company, new data shows that seven in ten people believe that they get better sleep when they share the bed with their pet. Some people even say that having a pet in bed can help ease their anxiety and depression just by their presence.

While many people are mostly concerned about sharing a bed with their pet for sanitary reasons, rest assured that it is completely safe to share a bed with your pet, as long as they are not under the covers with you.

To make sure you are still in control of the bed when sharing it with your pet, you can follow some of these steps before inviting them to come lay down with you:

  1. Let them know they must be invited onto the bed, it is not an open-door policy.
  2. To ensure that they don’t become territorial of the bed, make sure to order them off the bed and onto their own if they start to growl when new visitors wish to sleep in the bed. 
  3. Do not let them sleep under the covers as they can overheat, pant, and leave plenty of pet hair under the covers.
  4. Keep a pet bed nearby so they have a place to move to in case they become uncomfortable throughout the night.
  5. Allow some space for them to sleep near the end of the bed. This is a cooler location for them rest, while still keeping them cozy.

Do you let your pet sleep in the bed with you? Let Donna know by texting in to 92925!

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