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The Beat FX winners so far!

The Beat FX winners so far!

The Beat FX is back, and we’ve got $15,000 up for grabs for anyone who can guess what the Beat FX sound is!

It started Tuesday, September 7th with The Morning Show and since we began this latest edition, we've had three lucky winners! Here's a recap of everyone who won so far! 

Rachel won $9,000! after correctly guessing the first sound which was pouring rice in a pot. 

Melissa won $2,000 after guessing tearing a paper towel. 

Chris won $1,250 after guessing cracking an egg. 


The Beat FX continues until the end of the week. If you can guess what the Beat FX is, you win the cash. If you don’t, we add 250$ to the jackpot each time there is a wrong guess until someone wins! 

When you can play:

Monday – Friday 

· 8 am with Nikki & The Morning Show

· 11 am with Donna Saker

· 2 pm with Meghan Kelly

· 5 pm with Cat & Claudia


Guess the sound and win all the cash! 


The Jeremy White Show
Live from 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM
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