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Montreal was ranked the 6th best city in the world

Montreal was ranked the 6th best city in the worldWalter Bibikow / Stone / Getty Images

Are you starting to see a trend? Over the past year, we’ve published several lists from reputable publications that have all listed Montreal as one of the best cities in the world including most recently, when Montreal was ranked among the top 50. Well now, Montreal has landed on another list, and this time it has cracked the top 10!

That’s right folks, Montreal has ranked among the top 10 best cities in the world in the annual Time Out Index 2021 alongside San Francisco (which took the top spot), Amsterdam (second), and New York City (fifth).

It was also the only Canadian city on the list of 37 cities.

This list was put together based on answers across every category in the poll, along with insights from Time Out editors and experts worldwide.

Here is what they wrote about our beautiful metropolis:

What makes us great: When the pandemic hit last year, Montrealers rallied. This city is famous for its community spirit, and up against the biggest crisis in a generation, we showed enough of it to make any city proud. As our famous music and politics make abundantly clear, conformity has never been in fashion here, and it’s those differences that bring us together: 73 percent of locals would describe Montreal as ‘diverse’, and even more say it’s easy to ‘express who you are’. Our city may be in a perpetual state of construction, with seemingly endless protests, frigid winters and boiling summers too – but at least we’ve got each other.

Here are the top 10 cities:

San Francisco




New York



Tel Aviv




Visit the Time Out website to see the rest of the list.


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