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Could Roller Coasters Cure Kidney Stones?!

Could Roller Coasters Cure Kidney Stones?! Pixabay

Yep. You read that right… Preliminary research suggests that roller coasters could be the cure for kidney stones, those painful crystalline accumulations in the kidneys that are often difficult to pee out!

A Michigan State University urologist, Dr. David Wartinger, made the findings after some of his patients reported passing kidney stones naturally after riding Disney World’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster. It’s a bumpy ride, which Dr. Wartinger thinks might help explain why some patients have experienced positive outcomes.

His theory is that the shaking motion of the coaster helps dislodge small kidney stones, which could save some patients tons of pain and money! His paper reads “Preliminary study findings support the anecdotal evidence that a ride on a moderate-intensity roller coaster could benefit some patients with small kidney stones.”

So, it’s likely that if you have a big kidney stone, you’re still out of luck, but for the small but painful ones, they might warrant a day trip to La Ronde to try to shake those suckers out – it’s definitely better than surgery!

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