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Claudia's Moving Letter of Advice for Future Dad Vinny

Claudia's Moving Letter of Advice for Future Dad Vinny

Cousin Vinny is about to become a DAD for the first time! In this exciting time, Claudia Marques, who was in for Nikki, wanted to share a few words of advice with the future Dad. 

A mother of two herself, Claudia knows how challenging it can be to be a full-time parent, above everything else one may be occupied with in life. But her message of love and patience, even when it gets really hard, is something all parents can benefit from. 

Since Claudia read this on air, our listeners have been flooding our text lines with requests to hear it again... So, without further ado, here it is.






Claudia's full letter, for those of you who wish to share:

Dear Vinny,

As you take on this new adventure as a daddy to be – here are some thing I wish someone had told me.

I wish I had known how challenging this new role would be – because like anything else in life, it won’t always be easy – not easy at all, actually! For the first time ever, you will put someone else’s life before yours and you will love unconditionally.

There will be times when you are exhausted – you may speak a bit louder than you wish, say things you may regret, lose your patience and feel like you failed as a parent – learn to forgive yourself and the mistakes you make, because there will be many more to come. But remember: just like your little one, you are not perfect, so learn to say sorry and show your vulnerability instead of staying in pride and glory.

When you get lost in work, chores and other responsibilities…  Take a step back; get down on your knees, play, laugh and be silly – they will forever cherish those memories!

When they ask to hold your hand – hold it tight and keep in safe in yours – for it’s that tiny hand that one day will be holding yours. When reading a bedtime story and your little one asks for 5 minutes more… Don’t rush out, turn out the lights and close the door – stay and cuddle for a while longer. It’s only so long before it will be your turn to ask your kids to visit you and stay 5 minutes more – and the cuddles will be no more.

Your new job is to be a guide – to support their choices and help them chase their dreams – to wipe their tears and build their self-esteem. Giving without expecting anything in return, and sometimes getting your heat broken – but it’s all worth it in the end!

So trust your instincts – do your best everyday… And when all fails, pour yourself a glass of wine and sip your troubles away (please drink responsibly) and enjoy this wonderful journey, as you are no longer Cousin Vinny – you are now Daddy Vinny!

- Claudia M.  -

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