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Time for Spring Cleaning!

Time for Spring Cleaning!Lina Moiseienko / iStock / Getty Images Plus

With the nice weather finally rolling in, it’s time to roll up your sleeves! Spring cleaning season is upon us, and there’s no better feeling than to rid your home of clutter, and get everything sparkly, sqeaky clean, and FINALLY ready for summer!

See our list below for some essential things you should make sure not to miss.

Make sure to hit all the neglected spots: behind furniture, in your drawers, deep mattress cleaning, dust off all surfaces, etc.  

Time to give your closet a good old empty-and sort treatment! After months of things piling up, there’s bound to be some organizing work to be done. Sort your shoes, bring your lighter clothes to the front, push your heavier ones back, and enjoy! 

Living Room
Clean all surfaces, behind furniture, and pay special attention to the wall & floors. Take the time to clear all surfaces and reorganize objects. Keep only what you absolutely need! Be ruthless! Don’t forget to clean the blinds, curtains, pillows, shelves and other neglected places.  

Time to do a deep clean and sorting of the fridge to make room for summer’s fresh treats! Throw out old food, clean the inside, reorganize your pantry, clean all your kitchen utensils, and make sure to wipe down all surfaces and mop the floor.  

Sort through everything. Discard old soap bottles, expired medicine, and anything else you’re not using. Reorganize your cabinets, cleaning products, etc. Deep clean all surfaces – no more scum! It might be worth disassembling your shower head and dipping in a vinegar & water mix. Insert a toothpick into each shower head hole to dislodge calcium and lime buildup.  

Get your outdoor space ready for summer! Tidy up the back yard, sweep away any dirt and leaves left over from fall and winter, and don’t procrastinate on a new coat of paint if you need one! It’s also time to wash the car, clean the driveway and reorganize anything in the garage that’s out of place.   

BE RUTHLESS! Don’t let anything stay in place if you don’t absolutely need it. Other people may have use for these items, so give them away if they’re still good. These things may be seriously weighing you down:

  • towels & dish rags you never use
  • cosmetics you haven’t touched in the past year
  • clothes you no longer wear
  • old books & magazines you don’t plan on reading again
  • outdated electronics
  • old paperwork (RECYCLE IT!)
  • expired medication  
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