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NEW HOT TREND: going braless at work

NEW HOT TREND: going braless at workPhotoevent / E+ / Getty Images

The dress code at the workplace has definitely changed over the years. Both men and women dress more casual to go to work. According to the New York Post braless is taking over the workplace.

Reality show  Vanderpump Rules, newest cast member Dayna Kathan said, “If my male co-workers don’t have to wear a bra, then neither do I.” Does she make a point? The reality show is based on the lives of the staff members of the trendy restaurant SUR in LA. Not only are reality stars ditching bras also other women.  Judith Gerberg a career coach said the days of Victoria Secret push up bras are fading out. Since millennials are more self-confident with their body figure than women used to be, why not.

A lot of women agree with going braless, because they say the underwire prevents them from breathing properly, or they feel they are caged up and can’t move. While others disagree stating that even though you are more comfortable there is a level of comfort for other people that might not like to see you going braless especially in a work atmosphere.

What do you think?

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