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The national emergency remains in seniors' residences

The national emergency remains in seniors' residencesEmilie Nadeau

The Premier of Quebec François Legault, reports on the most recent assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic in the province. As of today there have been 62 more deaths bringing the total to 939 in Quebec. There are 19,319 confirmed cases of COVID-19. 3,847 people have healed. 1,169 people are in the hospital, including 198 who are in intensive care.

Legault, started off by saying that there is still a shortage of employees in seniors' residences. He once again asks medical specialists to come and work in the residences full time for two weeks in order to stabilize the situation in residences. Legault also indicated that 4,000 people are currently infected with COVID-19 in residences.

There are 6,000 health care employees on sick leave due to COVID-19. The problem is less obvious in hospitals because non-emergency surgeries have been postponed.

Quebec has planned hotels to house professionals who would come to work in Montreal for two weeks to lend a hand in CHSLDs. "Yes, we will take care of the accommodation," assures Mr. Legault.

Mr. Legault said that the government is going back through the list of people who gave their names on the jecontribue.ca website. The actual number of volunteers is not 50,000, as several people have given their names more than once. It is more like 19,000. "There are 15,000 left that are being called," he says. We need full-time people to limit the number of people entering residences.

The Premier, said the president of the Conseil du trésor, Christian Dubé, will meet with union centers on Tuesday in order to conclude an agreement to increase the wages of attendants to beneficiaries.

Premier François Legault, said there is no question of reopening schools in two weeks.

Legault, recommends you to go outside today since it is nice, but make sure to keep your distance and wash your hand when you come back in.

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