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What makes People Attracted to Each Other?

What makes People Attracted to Each Other?Davin G Photography / Moment / Getty Images

What makes people attracted to each other? It’s about a LOT more than just looks. There’s some complex psychology at work here, and you may be surprised at some of the reasons people are attracted to each other!

No matter how complex attraction can be, there are always some basic rules you can follow to be more attractive to someone who catches your fancy! Aside from looks, these are other universal attraction factors, meaning that no matter what, these will all have at least a small impact on how others perceive you as a potential lover.

First Impressions
It’s been said that the brain takes only a few seconds (research suggests it could be as fast as one second) to process whether or not you’re physically attracted to someone – but what about the psychological aspect?

It turns out that our brains are almost as quick at assessing personality as they are at assessing looks. Facial expression, gait, tone of voice and a myriad of other factors all contribute to someone’s first impression. Some researchers think humans make up their minds about whether they would sleep with someone after just 30 seconds! 

Be Entertaining!
Once you’ve made a good first impression, the key is to be interesting and entertaining! The human mind craves entertainment value.

Laughter in particular is a very powerful tool. If you’re able to make the other person laugh, that’s often the first step to gaining their attention and trust.

Apparently, availability is the single most important trait in dating. How often you’re able to see someone is a key element that informs their perception of you as a potential mate. On the dating scene, people are always asking themselves “will this person want to spend time with me or make time for me?”

Unexpected Physical Traits…
We all know the “conventional” features that are understood as making people more attractive: long hair and voluptuous curves for women; broad chest and chiseled facial features for men. But there are other physical traits that are far more subtle but just as important, according to science.

SMELL: believe it or not, a person’s particular odor is extremely important to judge attractiveness. The unique cocktail of pheromones your body emits is a type of “chemical signature” which provokes a subconscious response in others. 

VOICE: the tone and timbre of your voice can elicit some very specific reactions from other people. In men, a deep voice with confident emphasis and good pronunciation can be a real advantage. For women, it’s good to look for a “happy medium”: not too low, slow or gruff – you’ll appear almost manly. But too squeaky and high isn’t good either – it becomes irritating to listen to after some time.

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