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Over half of women say their female friends make them feel empowered

Over half of women say their female friends make them feel empoweredPeter Griffith / Stone / Getty Images

Friendship should always be about lifting each other up, and we should all make an effort to make our friends feel confident, and not to do anything that can make them feel insecure. After all, everyone has self-doubts and insecurities, and we would want our friends to treat us as we treat them.

Luckily for women, new research claims nearly three in five ladies (58%) say their female friends make them feel truly empowered while 72% of women feel more confident when surrounded by their friends.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Amazing Lash Studio, the results also revealed 61% of respondents reported their friends are extremely supportive and are often there when they need a shoulder to lean on. Meanwhile, more than one in three said their gal pals have helped them manage their anxiety or depression. 

“It’s not surprising women trust their female friends on how to best take care of themselves,” stated said Stephanie Hu, Amazing Lash Franchise, LLC CEO. “When women join forces, they help each other become the best versions of themselves; their daily lives become more enriched, and there’s not a challenge they can’t tackle.”

Here's a breakdown of the results... 


·        Call or text to see if they’re alright – 61%

·        Help them manage their anxiety/depression – 33%

·        Helped them heal in a time of grief – 28%

·        Helped them take a risk they were afraid of – 22%

·        Introduced them to new friends – 21%

·        Helped them learn a new skill – 20%

·        Gave them career advice – 18%



·        Being true and authentic to themselves – 46%

·        Practicing self-care – 44%

·        Surrounding themselves with people who care about them – 42%


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