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Is this when you should put your kids to sleep?

Is this when you should put your kids to sleep?
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Sleep deprivation is no fun, and any parent will tell you that a big part of getting the right amount of sleep is getting your KIDS to go to bed! That allows you to hit the sack earlier and it makes it less difficult and stressful to wake the kids up in the morning.

Each parent has their own way of tackling this problem… But one Facebook post has stirred controversy around what the ideal bedtime is for children. The “Mommy Moment” Facebook page shared a chart that breaks down, year by year, what time your kids should go to bed.

From a suggested bedtime of 7:00 pm for two-year-olds, all the way up to 18, this chart has it all planned out for parents.

While some parents agreed with the post, many found it a bit constraining. It’s also not perfect for everyone… Since each person has different sleeping needs and habits, this chart can’t be taken as universal.

What do you think? Should parents impose a strict bedtime for teenagers? What about kids? Is this chart accurate in your experience? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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