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Moms Travelling for Work… Is it OK?

Moms Travelling for Work… Is it OK? PxHere

This morning, Vinny and Claudia tackled a topic that can cause some tension in the household… Is it OK for moms to travel for work while they’re raising their kids?

Traditionally, moms have been counted on to take care of the kids and the household while men travel for work. This balance has created expectations in many people who were raised by parents living that way. Moms often feel guilt and shame if they need to leave home for extended periods while raising their kids. As for dads, they often feel insecure or incapable of providing for their kids properly.

On the other hand, the old way of sharing the household tasks and providing for your family has been changing for years now! It’s actually borderline sexist to think that moms shouldn’t travel for work. Feeling of guilt when leaving your kids are normal… But learning to trust your family’s ability to manage without you can strengthen your bonds and empower you as a breadwinner.

Listen to Vinny, Claudia and Sam’s discussion from this morning:

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