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Discover this MTL company's AMAZING Collagen Mask

Discover this MTL company's AMAZING Collagen Mask@laboratoirelarima/

Beauty giants have a bit too much control over the industry! Their products are often amazing, but their prices can be ridiculous. Smaller independent companies also have a lot to offer, and many are based right here in Montreal! When you buy the "big brands" you can pay HUNDREDS of dollars for just for 2 or 3 products! Why not buy from a local company with a much smaller marketing budget and get products that are just as good for you?

One example: the FIRM & GO! Collagen Cloud Mask! You might already have a "favourite mask" that costs up to 100$... FIRM & GO! Collagen Cloud Mask does the same essential work of waking up the cellular renewal potential of your skin and leaving your skin luminous. At just 12.97$, it's a steal, AND it's sold at most drug stores! 

If you're a working mom or just have a hectic lifestyle, you'll also want a SIMPLER product to take care of your skin after a hard day of running after the kids! There's nothing wrong with layering or more complex solutions, but sometimes you need a no-fuss solution for your face and THIS IS IT! Plus, why not support our Montreal based companies? After all, it works and the price is right!

FIRM & GO! Collagen Cloud Mask works by strengthening collagen synthesis, tightens and firms the contours, Restores the natural moisture level, Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and improves elasticity. It's definitely worth $12.97 to try!

We're on the lookout for local, independent Montreal businesses to put in the spotlight! If you have a proposition for us or an amazing product to recommend, send us a message on our Facebook page!

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