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“Flash Freeze” Warning in effect for MTL Area

“Flash Freeze” Warning in effect for MTL Area iStock.com/fottograff

Environment Canada has issued a flash freeze warning for the Montreal area, as Southern Quebec prepares to face this unusual meteorological event. Flash freezes occur when the temperature rapidly drops well below zero, only to rise just as quickly afterwards.

It’s been unseasonably warm today, with afternoon temperatures reaching up to 3°C. However, the temperature is expected to dip to a low of -14°C overnight. It’ll be cold during the day Wednesday, but temperatures will rise steadily and should exceed the freezing point by Thursday evening.

Exercise caution, as this flash freeze will turn the rain we’ve had to ice, possibly causing many sidewalks, staircases and roads to become slippery.

Expect sunny, but cold, weather this weekend: high of -9°C Saturday and -8°C Sunday.

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