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MTL Braces for up to 40 cm of Snow

MTL Braces for up to 40 cm of Snow iStock.com/FLDphotos

Montrealers are bracing for what could be the biggest storm of this winter, coming our way later today (Tuesday). According to some predictions, snowfall amounts could reach 40 cm by Wednesday morning in the metropolitan area, making commutes extremely difficult.

This new snow will fall on a city already covered in a thick, rock-hard blanket of ice formed throughout the numerous freezes and thaws we’ve had this winter. It’ll be thick snow on a slippery base. To make matters worse, temperatures are expected to climb well above zero ONCE AGAIN by Friday, possibly with rain.

Environment Canada has issued a weather warning for this storm, saying the MOST snow is expected in the Montreal and Eastern Township areas.

As is often the case with these systems, road conditions will be especially bad, reaching near-zero “suddenly” due to heavy snowfall and blowing snow, according to official government warnings.

Stay tuned for updates and school/road closures as they may be announced late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

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