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Get Cash for your Old Phone with this Website

Get Cash for your Old Phone with this Website
Photo by Vua Táo on Unsplash.

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If you’ve been putting off replacing your phone, you’re not alone! Each time companies like Apple release new devices like this year’s recently announced iPhones; existing ones get clunkier and less capable… But what if you could save on your purchase by selling your old device? Montreal-based company Gorecell.ca, offers money for old phones and tablets, and sells refurbished devices at discount prices! Click here to get a quote in 1 minute from the comfort of your home!

Sooner or later, we all have no choice but to change our devices, but what to do with the old ones? Usually, there are three options:

  1. Check how much – if anything – your cellular provider will offer to buy back your old device.
  2. Try to sell your device on sites like Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace.
  3. Lastly, if your device is truly finished, you can bring it to an Ecocentre for recycling.

Now, all that’s changed: you can get top dollar for your former or current device that’s no more 5 years old. Just visit Gorecell.ca to get a quote in 1 minute from the comfort of your home. They resell devices that are still in good shape to non-profit organisms or in developing countries. It’s just as environmentally friendly, too: they recycle all of the parts and materials they can’t use.

So, how can you get the best value for your device with Gorecell.ca? Just click “Sell your device for cash” on their website and complete four simple steps:

1) Determine which type of device you want to sell. Most major brands are accepted:

  1. Apple
  2. Samsung
  3. Google
  4. Blackberry
  5. Huawei
  6. LG
  7. OnePlus
  8. Sony
  9. Motorola
  10. Nokia
  11. HTC

2) Determine your device’s model: iPhone X, Galaxy S8, etc.

3) Select your telecommunications provider: Rogers, Bell, Videotron, or simply “unlocked”.

4) Determine your device’s condition. Is it like new, in good condition, damaged or defective?

You’ll then get an estimated value in 1 minute. If you accept, just enter your coordinates, and they’ll send you an envelope to send them your device. 

Once they have the device, they inspect it; if it’s in better condition than you thought, Gorecell.ca will actually pay you more money, guaranteeing that you get the best offer! If it’s in lesser condition, you can choose to get it back for free. If you accept the amount offered, Gorecell.ca makes an easy, fast payment within two business days by cheque, bank transfer, or PayPal.

If you’re getting rid of an old phone or tablet, why not check out Gorecell.ca? You’ll be supporting a local Quebec business, giving a new life to your device, and getting paid! Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. What better to ask for?

Go-Recell also sells used Apple, Samsung, Google, and Android phones with a 90-day warranty.

Visit Gorecell.ca to get a quote in 1 minute from the comfort of your home!

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