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Top healthiest foods in the world

Top healthiest foods in the worldMonica Bertolazzi / Moment / Getty Images

We’ve all gone through our fair share of researching which foods to avoid, and which foods to include into our diets. It seems like every other year a new health trend arrives and we all desperately try to see if it will be the one that works for us. Well, we’ve got the answer for you…

The world’s healthiest foods are considered to be:

1. Fish
2. Kelp
3. Mushrooms
4. Coconuts
5. Watercress
6. Wild berries
7. Wild rice
8. Wild game
9. Maple syrup
10. Honey
11. Nuts

Disclaimer: Truthfully, the answer is not quite as simple. Not all trends are meant for every body and not all foods are considered the healthiest for everyone’s personal nutritional needs! We always recommend consulting a family doctor or nutritionist to know which food groups work best for you.

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