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Couples arguing in the car: What are the solutions?

Couples arguing in the car: What are the solutions?Dusan Ilic / E+ / Getty Images

The automobile is great for road trips and some romantic getaways, but it can also be a big cause of arguments between partners. Literally strapped – and trapped – in a tight space, the two love birds sometimes let small irritants escalate into huge fights. Are there any ways to avoid that? Here are a few tips:

Nobody likes to be lost. A navigation system can help prevent a lot of arguments couples have in the car – except when the GPS is wrong, but then one won’t complain that the other gave bad directions or take the heat for making a wrong turn!

Temperature control in the car can be problematic, as well, especially if one partner feels the cold and the other has hot flashes. With a bit of luck, your car has heated/ventilated front seats or dual-zone climate control, so make the most of it. Otherwise, think ahead and dress accordingly.

Driving habits are usually another big cause of arguments in the relationship. Some people drive too fast or have a hard time parking the car, while others forget to check their blind spots and barely avoid a collision. If you like to take some chances behind the wheel, just wait until you’re alone in the car. Alternatively, you should pay extra attention to how you drive, not let distractions compromise your focus, use the available driving aids your car is equipped with (intelligent cruise control, blind-spot alerts, parking assist, etc.) or simply hand over the wheel to your better half.

Finally, when it comes to the soundtrack that sets the mood (or prevents awkward silences), it’s best to first agree on a radio station or playlist. Otherwise, just turn everything off and start chatting by listing, say, all the reasons why you love your partner! 

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