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Tricks and Brain Exercises to be Smarter

Tricks and Brain Exercises to be SmarterTopVectors / iStock / Getty Images Plus
The brain is like a muscle… It needs regular exercise to stay fit and healthy!

Every morning on Mornings with Nikki, Sam and Andy,  Sam challenges one listener to a trivia challenge… He puts headphones on while the daily caller answers questions, then he has a crack at those same questions. No one knows what’s being asked beforehand, except the producer!

The trouble is… Sam rarely loses! It’s actually kind of frustrating; he wins day after day, gloating about his intellectual superiority, and Nikki and Andy have to hear it all!

That’s why this morning, Nikki shared some useful “brain exercises” that you can do at home to improve your own brain capacity and keep that noggin healthy and responsive!  

Here are some of Nikki’s tricks:

  1. Brush your teeth with your non dominant hand. It triggers the opposite side of your brain.
  2. Take a shower with your eyes closed. Use your sense of touch. This sends different messages to your brain, creating new neural pathways.
  3. Switch up your morning routine. Brain activity declines and stagnates once a task becomes routine.
  4. Switch seats at the table. Sitting at the same seat over and over is bad for the brain, because it isn’t getting any new experiences.
  5. Play with spare change. Taking the habit of playing with some spare change is good for the brain because it trains your sense of touch. You can train yourself to recognize objects by feel alone.

If you use all these tips on a regular basis, your brain will be reinforced and you’ll become smarter… And hopefully, you’ll beat Sam next time we call!

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