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Scientific Proof: Cats are Liquid

Scientific Proof: Cats are Liquid

A French physicist has mathematically confirmed what many people have been suspecting for years. Cats are, in fact liquid. The researcher, Marc-Antoine Fardin, received an Ig Nobel Prize for his paper, titled “On the Rheology of Cats”.

***Note: Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded each year by Improbable Research to “honor achievements that make people LAUGH, and then THINK.”***

Mr. Farding was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in physics for his paper. According to Fardin, it’s all about how you define a liquid. “The center of the definition of a liquid is an action: A material must be able to modify its form to fit within a container” – sounds about right! Everyone knows cats will take on the shape of whatever box, bowl or crevasse they fit into best!  “Cats are thus liquid if we give them the time to become liquid,” Farding writes.  

It’s hard to argue with his conclusion – after all, GLASS is liquid. It just flows VERY slowly… Cats are MUCH “flowier” wouldn’t you say?

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