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STM Giving Away 40k FREE Passes

STM Giving Away 40k FREE Passes Twitter / @Val_Plante

In order to fight back against the smog and traffic that cripple Montreal on a yearly basis during the summer months, the STM is giving away FREE passes for public transportation.

During this initiative, which started during this week’s intense heat wave, the STM’s street team will distribute 40 000 free passes, valid in both the Montreal bus and metro systems. Each pass can be used twice. Street teams are deployed in high-traffic areas, on major urban arteries and near major construction zones.

Look out for brightly-dressed STM employees with tall flags attached to their backs.

Montreal is currently undergoing its worst traffic season of the year; with construction projects at their most intense, the weeks leading up to the construction holiday are usually the worst of the year for traffic in Montreal, barring the occasional snow storm.

In 2018, Quebec’s construction holiday begins Sunday, July 22, and ends Saturday, August 4.

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