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Don’t Complain – Let It Rain!

Don’t Complain – Let It Rain! Wikimedia Commons
Saint-Paul Street in Montreal's Old Port is just as charming as ever, despite the rain!

After a long dry spell in Montreal, the rain is finally back in our lives! While many find this distressing and a pain in the you-know-where, others – including yours truly – find it to be a much-needed relief from the hot, hot summer we’re experiencing.

Record-high temperatures have proved deadly in Montreal and around the world, so no one should be complaining if a bit of rain comes to cool things down a notch – or two, or three! Besides, the rain offers our urban plants some much-needed hydration. They were looking a bit sad lately, don’t you think?

Case in point: some VERY yellow-looking grass can be seen in these photos and all over Montreal…

Apart from urban plants and grass, our forests could use a little rain, too! Every summer, dry weather creates a high risk of forest fires in Quebec and all across Canada. A bit of rain always helps reduce the risk.

But Most Importantly…

Rainy weather is fun, and SUPER underrated! I have the best childhood memories of rainy days in summer camp, when we had the perfect excuse to go NUTS throwing water balloons and buckets of water at each other. We used to turn the camp into an all-out mud battle. It was great!

But if you’re on the tame side, rainy weather can also be a great excuse to put a little variety into your summer activities. Without the guilty feeling of mission out on a sunny day, you can do all sorts of indoor things you would normally reserve for rainy or cold days!

What to do in Montreal on Rainy Days

Got some time off on a rainy day in Montreal? Don’t fret! Our underground metro system will keep you dry while it takes you to the four corners of our beautiful city to enjoy some of the indoor activities available.

Montreal’s Space for Life and Olympic Park 

Accessible via the metro at Pie-IX and Viau stations, the Biodome, Insectarium and Botanical Gardens at Montreal’s Space for Life constitute some of the most popular attractions the city has to offer. Of course, if it’s really pouring, you may want to avoid the outdoor gardens… Instead, check out the Biodome’s fascinating habitats to learn more about all sorts of exotic animals and plants.

While you’re at it, you can also stop by the Tour de Montréal at the Olympic Stadium to enjoy unique, sweeping views of our city from atop the world’s tallest inclined tower.

The Underground City 

Montreal’s network of underground tunnels spans seven metro stations and over 20 city blocks. It’s a vast expanse of shopping malls, food courts, entertainment venues and office buildings that 100% accessible on foot without EVER having to go outside! Plan out your shopping spree and just leave the umbrella at home!

Museums and Art Galleries 

Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Montreal has tons of museums where you can get lost and explore for hours and hours! Here are just a handful of the many, many spots you can visit to kill some time on a rainy day. 

  • Stewart Hall Art Gallery – 176 Lakeshore Drive, Pointe-Claire
  • The Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site – 1255 Saint-Joseph Boulevard, Lachine
  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – 1380 Sherbrooke Street W.
  • Redpath Museum – 859 Sherbrooke Street W.
  • McCord Museum – 690 Sherbrooke Street W.
  • Barbie Expo – 1455 Peel Street
  • Darling Foundry (art gallery) – 745 Ottawa Street
  • Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) – 185 Sainte-Catherine Street W.
  • Pointe-à-Callière Museum – 350 Place Royale (Old Port)
  • Montreal Science Centre – 2 de la Commune Street W.

Fun and Games

Instagram / @action500

Source: Instagram / @action500

Why settle for a quiet activity? Just because playing outside is yucky or chilly doesn’t mean you can’t let loose! Here are a few addresses where you can bring your kids and/or partake in activities such as laser tag, paintball, go karting, bowling and more! 

  • Action 500 (paintball, karting, laser tag, espcape games and arcade) – locations in Montreal, Laval and Dorval – click here to access their website
  • Laser Quest – 1226 Sainte-Catherine Street W.
  • MontVR (virtual reality arcade) – locations at Dix30, St-Denis, Alexis Nihon and more – click here to access their website
  • Randolph’s Bar – specializes in board games and trivia (18+) – 2041 Saint-Denis
  • Trapeze Room – Montreal has a little-known secret trapeze room open to the public! You could become an amateur circus performer! – 6956 Saint-Denis

With these and tons more activities to do on rainy days – including, of course, the classic stay-at-home-and-do-absolutely-nothing – why complain? Let it rain! You can have fun anyways, and let those plants have a drink of water, shall we? Enjoy!

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