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Bikes Banned from Mount-Royal Cemetery

Bikes Banned from Mount-Royal Cemetery Wikimedia Commons

Citing a “flagrant disregard of the safety of pedestrians and of the character of the cemetery,” the Mount-Royal Cemetery has announced it will ban bikes from entering the cemetery completely. Recently, the cemetery has become a popular training spot for elite cyclists, and cemetery management says it’s become a safety concern for clients and visitors.

The ban will go into effect August 1st, after which security guards will be posted at each entrance to enforce the new rules.

In recent years, we have experienced an influx of groups of cyclists, many of whom are clearly using the property for high-speed training […] We have attempted to avoid such a prohibition, in the belief that respectful, slow-moving bicyclists do not pose a hazard to pedestrians. Throughout the summer of 2017 and again this year, we have repeatedly informed cyclists entering the cemetery and the cycling community about our concerns and sought their cooperation, as guests on our private property, in adhering to our posted “Regulations for Cyclists”. We regret that these efforts have been unsuccessful

The move is a loss for cyclists, but may be a gain for other cemetery users. One elderly woman thanked the management for making this decision, saying she had become afraid to visit the cemetery because of the fast-moving bikes.

Access Improved from Remembrance

In other news, access to the cemetery from Remembrance Road is now possible. Previously, since the beginning of a pilot project on Mount Royal which bans automobile thru-traffic, the cemetery’s South gate had only been accessible from the East, using Camilien-Houde Road. Now, drivers can use a newly-opened itinerary to get from Remembrance Road to the South gate without having to park at Beaver Lake. See the map below, provided by the City of Montreal.

The yellow dotted line will allow drivers to access the cemetery from Remembrance. However, it will only be open in one direction, towards the East. That means drivers coming from Camilien-Houde will still be unable to get to the Beaver Lake parking lot or beyond.

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