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Bixi Testing New Lights to Improve Safety

Bixi Testing New Lights to Improve Safety Twitter / Bixi Montreal

Cycling in an urban environment has its innate dangers – surrounded by the imposing metal frames of cars, trucks and buses, you’re constantly at risk. Plus, pedestrians can’t always see you properly.

Now, Bixi Montreal is testing a solution they think can significantly improve safety. The idea is simple: they’ve equipped 55 Bixis with additional lights that project a laser image onto the pavement, ahead of the bike itself. The hope is that this will help counter the “blind spot” problem, making Bixis visible around tight corners.

The example provided by Bixi on Twitter is perfect: the pedestrian would maybe not have seen the bicycle were it not for the green laser. Same goes for the truck driver, for whom the cyclist is in the blind spot. Bixi also provided a video explaining how the system works.

Bixi says 20% of its ridership is at night. Although the bikes are equipped with automatic lights, there are still too many accidents.

A similar project has been successful in London, where 12 000 bikes are now equipped with the Laserlight system.

Source: CBC

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