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The Beat at Osheaga 2018

The Beat at Osheaga 2018 Instagram / @Osheaga
The Beat 92.5 is at Osheaga all weekend with Jeremy White!

Our own Jeremy White is at Osheaga 2018 all weekend long! Follow us online, on Instagram and on our Facebook page to see the latest from the festival! This page will be updated continually as we add more content, so stay tuned!

Can Osheaga Attendees Name These Artists?

Osheaga is the clash of the decades, so we asked attendes if they can name these artists! 🌸✨🌴💜🤩

Find out how well Osheaga attendees know their 80s and 90s artists!

Are these band names REAL or FAKE?

Osheaga artists always have the craziest band names... So we wanted to find out how well the fans know them! Will these fans be able to guess if these names are REAL or FAKE? Watch below to find out.

Bazzi Interview 

Jeremy White and Bazzi catch up and chat about Montreal and more, after Bazzi's SIZZLING Friday afternoon performance at Osheaga.

Portugal. The Man Interview 

Kyle from Portugal. The Man chats with Jeremy White... Find out his TOP 5 90's songs and MORE!

The Jeremy White Show

The Jeremy White Show

with Jeremy White

Live from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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