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Bagels: New York City vs. Montreal

Bagels: New York City vs. Montreal Instagram / @cassiearnoldart (LEFT) & Flickr / @infiniteache (RIGHT)
New York style bagels (left) are typically fluffier, with a smaller hole than Montreal bagels (right).

Montrealers love their bagels! Whether it’s from Saint-Viateur, Fairmount or anywhere else, many Montrealers will set the record straight: bagels from here are the best. Sure, New York City has an amazing bagel tradition, but Montreal bagels really have something special.

But to an “impartial” food blogger, which takes the cake? Lucas Peterson is a travel columnist for the New York Times and a food blogger for Eater. It stands to reason that he is VERY familiar with the New York style bagel… So he decided to visit Montreal and get a bagel-making lesson at Saint-Viateur Bagel!

Watch the video below to find out what he thought of his visit…

What do you think? Which is better, the NYC bagel or the Montreal bagel? Sound off in the comments on Facebook!

Live from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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