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  • Quebec Elections: is your decision made? Think again!

Quebec Elections: is your decision made? Think again!

Quebec Elections: is your decision made? Think again! @pxhere

Thursday (Aug. 23), the Quebec government announced its 42nd general election. The vote will be held on October 1st, 2018 and Quebeckers will elect their provincial representatives from a vast array of candidates representing no less than 20 parties – a record!

These elections will be the first in Quebec to be held at a predetermined date. A law was passed in 2013 making fixed-date elections mandatory – however, the government could still have chosen to launch them beforehand. The 39-day campaign that was launched this week is the longest campaign the government could have legally launched – the new law provides a minimum length of 33 days and a maximum of 39 days.

Voting by anticipation will be held from September 21 to 27. 


Have you decided which candidate you’ll vote for these elections? There are many things to consider: will you vote mainly to elect your local riding’s best option or will you vote along a party line? Where do your priorities lie? Economy? Identity? Health? Transportation?

You might have made your mind up already, but does your instinctive choice truly reflect your values and priorities?

Time to Measure!

As with every election, Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC, provides voters with an interesting web-based tool to measure their views against the parties’ platforms and candidates.

NOW. Let’s be real for a moment. We all see the news. We all see the big ugly signs parties put up to advertise their candidates and leaders. But how many of us can honestly say we’ve read the platforms? Probably not that many…

This tool might come in handy for the conscientious voter who doesn’t quite have enough time to go out and read all the party platforms and/or get to know their local candidate… So go ahead! Answer honestly and keep an open mind… The results might surprise you!

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Weekend Breakfast Sunday

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