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The Beat Of Your Valentine's Day

The Beat Of Your Valentine's DayiStock/Getty

Valentine’s Day… The day to celebrate love in all its forms! Maybe you’re planning something big with your partner this Valentine’s Day, or maybe it’s time for a simple, romantic evening… In any case, we have gift ideas, date ideas and MORE inspiration to help you make your Valentine’s Day perfect! 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day ‘Fifty Shades’ style! 

So, you loved ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and you’d like to spice up Valentine’s Day this year? Here are five suggestions inspired by the movie…


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Last February marked the release of the final installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy. You’re a big fan and you’d like to spice up Valentine’s Day this year?

Click here for five suggestions inspired from the movie

Valentine's Day isn't less fun with kids! 
Valentines "Sorry" Parody featuring Claudia Marques

Claudia Marques shows us how much fun it is to celebrate Valentine's Day with her kids, with a valentine's day "Sorry" parody

Check out the video here 

How About Getting Engaged? 

Isn’t marrying Prince Charming what every little girl dreams of?

Sadly, the reality of marriage is not always a fairy tale, especially nowadays. But while this centuries-old tradition is not as idyllic as it once was, an engagement ring is still seen by many as a simple and symbolic way to make a relationship official – wedding ring be damned (or suffer-ring, as some men jokingly call it!).


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And they lived happily ever after anyway…

Whether celebrated in private or in the presence of a larger group of friends and family members, getting engaged is a promise for couples to spend their lives together, a more serious commitment than dating or living as common-law partners, but at the same time without the expenses, formalities and legal aspect of marriage (the latter typically implies a contract).

Read the FULL article here

10 good reasons to love life at 40

They say life begins at 40, but what’s that about? 


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Are we just conditioning ourselves to ignore the fact that we’re getting old and to feel like we’re pushing back the inevitable? Or is there some truth in that belief?

Here are ten good reasons to love life in your 40s

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Playlist

Have you got a cozy date planned at home tonight? There’s nothing like a nice home-cooked meal, candle light and a good bottle of wine to set the mood. 


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All that’s missing is the soundtrack to your romantic evening! So we put together some of the greatest love songs, old and new!

Click here to see the list

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